A Quilt for Sophie

I was overjoyed and delighted when I heard that my good friend Nancy was having a baby girl. We all ooohed and aaahed as we watched her tummy grow bigger and bigger. We shared in her happiness and anticipation as we waited for baby Sophie to enter the world.

When we found out close to her seventh month that baby Sophie wouldn’t make it, we shared again in Nancy’s sadness, grief, and pain. I was in California at the time, but finally had the chance last weekend to visit Nancy and give her hugs in person.

When I found out that Nancy was having a baby girl, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making a quilt. Nancy’s not really the pink type, so I decided on a more natural color palette that seemed more fitting for her nursery.

After Nancy lost Sophie, I thought that I’d still like to give this quilt to her.

Nancy, I hope that you would see this quilt and know that you are dearly loved. I hope it brings you comfort and hope on dark days. I hope that it would remind you often and always of your sweet baby girl. Love you!

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