A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Invitation

I’ve been meaning to share with you these fun invitations I made for Emmett’s first birthday party several months back. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of Emmett’s favorite books, so his mom Chau decided this would be a perfect theme for the invitations and the party! Chau mentioned that Emmett loves to stick his fingers through all the little holes in the book, so I did my best to incorporate that into the invitation as well.

I decided to play along with the counting aspect of the book, so each phrase had a number that matched  the amount of fruit the caterpillar munched through each day.

I also helped out with some of the decorations for the party, but I’ll talk about the party in a different post because there were so many gorgeous details that I want to share with you. :)

*Edit: See Emmett’s birthday party here and find a free printable for a Very Hungry Caterpillar felt book here.

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7 thoughts on “A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Invitation

  1. Hello, how did you create these or where did you have them printed? My son’s 1st birthday is coming up and this is his theme. Please help?

  2. I am interested in the Very Hungry Caterpillar invitations as well. My son’s birthday is April 3rd. He loves this book and so do I. Where can I get these?

    • Sorry, Juli, I’m not able to design any Hungry Caterpillar invitations anymore because of licensing restrictions.

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