Aileen & CT Wedding

A couple weeks back, we attended the wedding of our good friends Aileen & CT. Their wedding was held at the gorgeous Crystal Cathedral, designed by architect Philip Johnson. Beautiful California sunshine filtered gently through the sanctuary’s 10,000 panes of glass and filled the entire space with breathtakingly beautiful light. It was the perfect setting for a wedding!

Aside from being really warm, caring people, Aileen and CT are some of smartest, most talented people I know – they dance, they sing, they play musical instruments (extremely well), they cook, and they’re super smart! So, of course it’s no surprise that they are also artistically gifted. :) I believe CT did all of the awesome graphic design work for their wedding himself! Here’s a look at their invitations and wedding stationery:

wedding invitation suite

ceremony program

place cards – Aileen did the calligraphy for all 300 of the name cards herself! (Didn’t I tell you she was talented!?)
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take too many pictures of the wedding details that day because I was helping out behind the scenes. But trust me, it was gorgeous! Aileen’s parents have a florist friend who did most of the flower arrangements, and she did such a beautiful job. Aileen and several of her friends and family helped out in making centerpieces and boutonnieres too! I helped out with the bridesmaid bouquets and as one of the coordinators for the day.

Here are a few pictures that I was able to get from the wedding:

When I was young, I went to so many Chinese weddings with my family (I was actually the flower girl for most of them because my dad always officiated) and we would eat so many Chinese wedding banquets, that I quickly grew quite tired of them. I think I haven’t been to a Chinese wedding banquet in over 15 years now, so I was REALLY happy to eat Chinese food again!

crab claws

shark fin soup


with the newly married couple
Congrats, Aileen & CT! :)
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3 thoughts on “Aileen & CT Wedding

  1. That invitation suite is so pretty! And that church! WOW. I've never seen anything like it. The organ against the glass it kind of weird, in a the coolest possible way. :]

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