B&E Engagement Party

One of my closest friends from college is getting married this summer, and I had the distinct pleasure of hosting her and her fiance this weekend while they were in town. We had a wonderful time catching up, planning wedding details, eating yummy food, and celebrating her birthday!

While they were in town, another bridesmaid and I decided to throw them a small engagement party to celebrate their engagement. And I really do mean it when I say small – we had a total of 7 people…which also happens to be the most number of people we’ve had in our apartment at one time! Here are a few of the details:

the e-invitation


we first had their picture by the food, but someone said it looked too much like a funeral :

pom-pom garland

the happy couple

congrats, ben and esther! :)
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3 thoughts on “B&E Engagement Party

  1. Grace – Yeah, the pom-poms are made out of yarn! :)

    Sarah – I used Sketch Rockwell, Cursive Standard, and Sue Ellen Francisco (all free! :))

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