Catching Up

It’s a been a whirlwind of traveling for us as we’ve been trying to make the most of our time back in the US. In the last 5 weeks, we’ve been through 6 states (and DC!) and have spent more than 50 hours just in travel time alone. Crazy! It’s been an exhausting few weeks, but it has been so nice seeing all of our loved ones and getting to spend even just a little bit of time with each of them. Here are some of the highlights.

We flew into NYC from Grenada at 2 in the morning and were graciously greeted by my friends Hoi and Nick, who hung out with us in the city until it was time for us to hop on a bus to D.C. On our way back, we got to stop by Grand Central Station to check out the new Apple store.

We spent a few short days in D.C. to see my sister and my baby nephew, Elijah. :) This little guy has stolen my heart. No time with him is ever enough!

We made it back to Jersey a few days later to hang out with our friends Bryan and Karina. They knew we’d been missing out on a lot of good food in Grenada, so they spoiled us and fed us so well! Homemade Korean soondubu, cheese fondue, seafood/sushi buffet and plenty of Dance Central action going on here. Luckily, nobody got any pics of that.

On our flight back to LA from New York, we got bumped to first class because of a flight scheduling mix-up. We didn’t realize we’d be served dinner on the flight (food by Michael Chiarello!), so ate beforehand, but still tried to scarf down as much of the yummy food as we could. Maybe too much.

Ahh, glorious Los Angeles. I have to explain that when I say Los Angeles, I’m really talking about the entire southern California area. We technically live in Chino Hills (San Bernardino County) and spend a lot of time in Orange County cities like Irvine and Costa Mesa. But it’s usually too hard to differentiate between all the places for non-Angelinos, so for the sake of clarity, I just say Los Angeles. I rarely venture out to the “real” Los Angeles areas like Hollywood or Santa Monica or downtown LA. You’ll usually find me in Alhambra, Rowland Heights, or Garden Grove chowing down on some yummy Asian food.

We spent a day up in Big Bear by the lake with Dean’s family. We’d never been up there before, so it was nice to visit when it wasn’t overly crowded by skiers and snowboarders.

Our next stop was in Flagstaff, Arizona where I got to see my girls (and their girls)! I’ve known these lovely ladies since junior high, and I’m so grateful that we’ve gone through so many stages of life together. Love staying up late chatting girl-talk with them. Thanks, Gracie, for hosting us!

And let me introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Hoi Mau! You’ve probably heard me brag about them before, but just in case you haven’t, these two are awesome. :) I had the distinct pleasure of being in their wedding in Phoenix, so I got to spend lots of quality time with the bride before and during her big day! They are off enjoying their honeymoon now, so hopefully, they’re having a blast.

The pic on the right is a shot of Esther and I enjoying our morning coffee/juice on the hotel balcony, after spending the night together at the hotel without our husbands. Scandalous, right? ;)

And now we find ourselves in the beautiful, quirky city of Portland. Every time we visit, we find something new that we love about this city. I love that it’s super charming and full of character. I love that it’s a foodie town and that DIY is an everyday thing here. I love that it’s not just cool or trendy to be eco-friendly; it’s woven seamlessly into the daily routines of the city. I love that you can find a thrift store on every street corner. And on random buses floating around town too.

We’ll be leaving Portland soon and will be headed to San Francisco to meet up with Dean’s family for a mini vacation before heading back to LA for a few days. After that, you’ll find us in DC for the remainder of the summer. See you on the flip side. :)

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2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I guess you went strawberry picking in PDX then? Looks yummy. We’ve yet to go this year, but since E.’s picked his uncle’s backyard stash clean this past weekend, we have to venture out sometimes soon. Glad you and Dean are having fun traveling. Be sure to stash up on goodies before you go back!

  2. I love this post!!! Love seeing all your travels! It was my pleasure to have all of you up! I miss you all tremendously! Love you!

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