This is Grenada: Grand Anse Spice & Craft Market

1Crystal-clear water, long stretches of fine, white sand, easy access, and tons of shade-offering trees make Grand Anse Beach a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It’s also the perfect spot for a spice & craft market, and you’ll often find vendors walking the beach selling their handmade jewelry and “spice necklaces.” My friends and I spent the afternoon wandering through the open stalls, sniffing spices, chatting with local artists, and admiring all the handmade crafts and jewelry that the market had to offer.

LBDesigns_Craft Market1 LBDesigns_Craft Market2 LBDesigns_Craft Market3 LBDesigns_Craft Market4

This is a turtle shell/skin(underbelly?) that can be cut, smoothed, and shaped into a beautiful bracelet. Some of the other bracelets are made of coral or calabash shells.

LBDesigns_Craft Market5 LBDesigns_Craft Market6

Hand-carved and painted animals – perfect for a nursery!

LBDesigns_Craft Market7 LBDesigns_Craft Market8

Weathered hands work skillfully on a piece of jewelry.

LBDesigns_Craft Market9 LBDesigns_Craft Market10

A little bling-bling.

LBDesigns_Craft Market11

Photo on right by Kat Fung.

LBDesigns_Craft Market12 LBDesigns_Craft Market13 LBDesigns_Craft Market14 LBDesigns_Craft Market15 LBDesigns_Craft Market16


Craft Stores in Grenada

When I heard that there were a few craft stores in St. George’s (Grenada’s capital and “downtown” area), I was super excited to check them out with a few of my friends and fellow crafters here! Here’s a little tour for you. :)

 Our guide, the lovely Marieke! 

They have a few fabric stores here that remind me a lot of the ones found in LA’s fashion district. Bolts and bolts of fabric line the walls in a multitude of colors and fabrics. They didn’t really have any cotton prints (like you’d use for quilt-making or crafts) that I saw. But they did have a nice assortment of vintage buttons. Oh, and bananas. :P

And here is THE craft store of Grenada. The entrance is this unsuspecting doorway on the left, and the craft store is located right above a doctor’s office. The store itself is pretty tiny – probably about 10′ x 15′ total. And with the counter taking up about half the width, and shelves lining the opposite side, there leaves about 4′ x 12′ of walking space. It was kinda squished with six of us in there. :)

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with the selection I found. They had a random assortment of curling ribbon, tissue paper, streamers, yarn, felt, embroidery floss, and a few odds and ends here and there. They did have nice assortment of spray paint, which might come in handy some day. But overall, the quality of the products were akin to those that you’d find in a dollar store back home. And because all these items are probably imported from the US, their prices are easily five times what you’d pay for them at home. I decided to pass on the craft items and work instead on creating projects with local materials and recycled items. And I will definitely bring more craft supplies with me next time!

on the reggae buses headed back


Christmas Crunch Time

It’s that time of the year again – holiday crafting time!

When I was in college, I always relished the last day of classes when I could finally forget about finals and essays and dive straight into my Christmas crafting projects. I was always grateful for the extra time off I got as a college student (typically close to four weeks for me!) because it gave me ample time to decorate the house, start and finish all my craft projects, do my Christmas shopping, do some baking, go to all the Christmas parties and holiday get-togethers, meet up with friends from out of town, and still have a good two weeks left over to rest and wind down from all the excitement.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a college student. This year for Christmas, I get only two days off. TWO DAYS! Add in one more day for New Year’s Eve, and I get a total of three days to cram in everything I used to do in four weeks!

Needless to say, it’s crunch time for me now as Christmas slowly creeps closer. I’ve got a whole list of projects I have yet to start. I stopped by the LA Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this weekend for some inspiration, and left with more ideas to add to my list!

The Reform School had a cool booth at the fair where I got to put together my own little mistletoe bundle! Did you know mistletoe leaves feel soft and velvety? We decided to hang it in our car. :)


I attended Unique OC today, another independent design & gift show for local OC and LA artists. There was actually a $5 entrance fee for this show, but it came with a cool souvenir poster (pictured above), a beer ticket, and free drinks. Honest Tea was there, along with my personal favorite beverage of choice, IZZE!

I stopped by the IZZE table and mentioned casually to the guy manning the table that I LOVE IZZES, and he proceeded to give me an IZZE button and a whole STACK of IZZE tattoos! Sweet. :)

I made a few select purchases, including some Divine Twine from Paper Pastries, a handbag from My Mishion, and a cute flower ring from Oh Hello, Friend.

Can’t wait for UniqueLA in December. :) I think Dean can’t wait either. :P

Craft Leftovers Swap

I recently participated in a craft swap hosted by Craft Leftovers. Basically, I signed up for the swap with Swap-Bot, created a profile and entered in all my favorite crafting items, and got paired up with a partner. My partner and I each filled up a 6″ x 9″ envelope with some leftover craft items and then sent them off to each other.

We were both able to get rid of some items that we no longer use and also receive new items to create with. :)

Here’s what I sent off:

Here’s what I received:

my favorite items were the map pages and the red, floral fabric

It was a pretty fun experience, so I think I may try another swap in the future.

LA Renegade Fair Recap

This was my first time attending the Renegade Fair, and I had such a blast! For those unfamiliar with the Renegade Fair, it’s a “large-scale DIY event featuring hundreds of independent artists and their unique handmade items.” The participants included some of the best indie-craft artists and designers, so I left the fair feeling very much inspired.

Some details and picture tidbits:

fabric-covered button barrettes

letterpress stationery

felt crowns!

canvas bow tote bags

felt beards + moustaches (one booth even had a drawing for a giant stuffed moustache!)

Here are the goodies/freebies I picked up at the fair:

clockwise from top left: Renegade Fair guide, bookmark, Etsy bumper sticker, wildflower seeds from the Urban Craft Center, random stickers + buttons, tote bag from Threadless, tote bag from Yelp, free shirt + sharpies also from Threadless (we spun a wheel and won them!), and oodles of fun business cards!

My only purchase from the day – an art print by Jen Skelley:

I love this beautiful print and the playful, whimsical style of her illustrations. I loved it so much, in fact, that I promptly went to IKEA right after the fair to purchase a frame for it so that I could display it immediately! :D

Since we were downtown (and we don’t often get a chance to drive over there), we also made a stop in the Fashion District to purchase some fabric from the ginormous fabric store, Michael Levine. This store is like the mother of all fabric stores! They have everything you could possibly need for your sewing projects, but my favorite thing about them is their huge selection of cotton prints. They have everything from their own Michael Levine brand fabric for $2/yard to designer fabrics like Liberty of London for a whopping $38/yard (stored behind a locked glass case!).

my loot

I think I’m feeling crafty from all the inspiration + supplies I gathered this weekend! :)