DIY Balloon Launch Postcard + Free Printable

A few weeks back, we celebrated the Week of the Young Child, a week dedicated to celebrating the young child and focusing attention on early childhood education. We celebrated with a different activity each day, and on one of the days, we did a postcard balloon launch!

We tied postcards to the ends of dozens of helium-filled balloons and asked the recipients to fill out where they found the balloon and send the self-addressed, stamped postcards back to us. As we slowly receive the postcards back, we hope to create a giant map to mark where all of our balloons flew.

If you’d like to launch your own balloon postcard, I’ve created a template of our postcard for you. Simply cut out along the solid lines, attach a stamp, fill in your address, and attach to a helium balloon.*

I used heavyweight scrapbook paper that was solid one one side and patterned on the other. You could easily design your own image to print on the back as well. No matter the message or pattern, the balloon and postcard are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face!

*Be sure to use biodegradable balloons, in case they end up blowing into the ocean or getting lost.

Up, up and away!

DIY Mini Party Hats + Free Printable

If you’re wondering how to make teeny tiny party hats for your own birthday box, here’s a quick tutorial for you. It’s very similar to the DIY Party Hat tutorial (in fact, I just scaled down the template), but there are just a few tips and tricks that I added to make it easier.

Let’s get started!

glue gun, tiny pearl beads (or other small round objects), colored paper scraps, pencil, double-sided tape, mini party hat template

Step 1: Download the mini party hat template here.

Step 2: You can print out the template directly onto your colored paper or if you are using scraps, print out on a piece of cardstock first, then cut out to create a pattern to trace onto scraps.

Step 3: Cut out all your party hat pieces.

Step 4: Holding the vertex of the party hat with one hand, gently roll the ends with your other hand. You want it to roll up in cone-ish shape.

Step 5: Put double-sided tape along one edge of the inner side of the cone.

Step 6: Roll up your hat and press firmly to secure tape.

Step 7: Carefully dab your cone tip into the end of your glue gun and immediately affix a small bead or pearl to the top.

Step 8: Place atop your favorite stuffed friend, decorate cupcakes, or sprinkle on a loved one’s desk. :)

DIY Popcorn Boxes or “Chuck” Cheese Ball Boxes + Free Printable

When my sister had her Chuck party last week, I whipped up these printable boxes for her to hold Chuck’s favorite snack – cheese balls! I couldn’t resist making matching food flags in the style of the episode names and Orange Orange yogurt labels too. :) I wasn’t able to be there for the party, but doesn’t it look like a great time?

If you’re interested in holding your own Chuck party, I’ve made the cheese ball box and Chuck labels available for you to download here. Enjoy!

Aside from being great for holding cheese balls, these also make perfect popcorn boxes. Or pretzel boxes. Or my personal favorite – Xtra Cheddar Flavor Blasted Goldfish boxes! For all those non-Chuck-related events, I’ve made an additional blank popcorn box template for you, along with a tutorial as well! Keep reading for the full tutorial and pics…


DIY Popcorn Box Tutorial

Materials: paper, scissors, double-sided tape, bone folder, popcorn box template
Step 1: Print out the DIY popcorn box template onto the wrong side of the paper (my paper was the same color both sides).

Step 2: Cut out the template along the solid lines.

Step 3: Score along the dotted fold lines (I’m using a Martha Stewart bone folding kit that comes with a grooved surface. The grooves help me line up my paper and allow me to make straight creases without a ruler. If you don’t have the kit, you can just use a ruler with your bone folder.)

Step 4: Fold along the creased lines and tape together.

Step 5: Fill with your favorite snack and enjoy while watching your favorite TV show!

Note: If you’d like, you can also trim along the top edge of the box with scalloped or decorative scissors like my sister did with her cheese ball boxes!

DIY Party Hats + Free Printable

I know it’s a little late to be making these for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but as I was making these with my kiddos yesterday at work, I thought it would be the perfect DIY to share with you too! These are so easy to make and they’re a perfect craft do with kids. Make them for New Year’s parties or for your child’s next birthday party. :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies: (clockwise) colored paper, stretchy string, stapler, scissors, curling ribbon, tape (not pictured), party hat template

Step 1: Download the printable party hat template here.

Step 2: Print on your favorite colored paper/cardstock (or use as a stencil to trace onto thicker paper) and cut out along solid lines with scissors.

Step 3: Cut 3 or more 16″ lengths of curling ribbon. Make a knot in the middle to hold them together.

Step 4: Curl the ribbon ends.

Step 5: Tape your ribbon knot to the back of your party hat cutout, at the top vertex.

Step 6: Cut out a 16″ length of stretch string. Staple the two ends to the two dots indicated (be sure to staple on back side of party hat cutout).

Step 7: Knot the ends around the staple to secure.

Step 8: Your party hat should look like this on the back now. Roll up the hat and staple the ends together in the indicated area.

Step 9: Time to party!

DIY Ribbon Wands + Free Printable

Along with my weekly inspiration boards, I’ll also be contributing a few DIY posts at Flight of Fancy. For my first DIY post, I’ll be showing how to make these lovely ribbon wands! They are so versatile and can be used for all sorts of occasions – weddings, showers, birthday parties, engagement parties…the list goes on!

For the full how-to and printable download tags, go here.

DIY Seed Packet Favors + Free Printable

Remember the seed packets that I created for Esther’s garden bridal shower? Well, I created a customizable template version that can be downloaded for you to make your own! I created it as part of the DIY contest that’s currently being held over at Ruffled. Click on over to check it out, download, and leave some love! :)

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