Adventures to come

Three years ago today, I said these words to Dean:

“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” – Ruth 1:16

I never knew then they’d lead me to a tropical island. :) I’d follow him to the moon if I had to.

Each day is an adventure with you! Here’s to many more to come.


Remember a while back, I posted about our June ’09 wedding that was featured as a Real Wedding in the Spring/Summer issue of TheKnot:Boston? I wasn’t sure whether our article would be featured online as well, so I did some Google searches a couple months back (when the article came out), but I came up with nothing.

The other day, we received an email from a stranger who had found our wedding pictures through the I did another search, and sure enough, there we were! I guess it took them a couple months to get all their articles online. Once again, we are so honored and excited to have our wedding featured. :) Check it out!

And I guess they’re using one of our wedding pictures on their side ads for other wedding sites as well! It’s kind of funny to be reading a blog and randomly finding your picture popping up in random places.


Thank you

Thank you to all who voted for me in the DIY Project Wedding Contest! Thanks to all of your votes, I won 3rd place overall in the contest. I hope to use the prize money to invest in more art and craft supplies and maybe one day set up my own shop or business.

Thanks again for your support!

DIY Wedding Challenge – Vote Now!

Last week, I entered a DIY Wedding Contest with my Scrabble Magnet Favors from my wedding (remember those?? :)), and I’m happy to announce that my entry was chosen as a top 10 finalist!!

Now, I’d like to ask for your help in voting for my entry!

1. Go here.
2. Scroll to the bottom.
3. Where it says, “Vote for your favorite finalist,” scroll again to the bottom and click on “Scrabble Magnet Favors.”
4. Click “Vote.”

Thanks so much!

DIY Photobooth

When I started seeing photobooths pop up in wedding blogs and magazines, I knew I wanted to have one at our wedding because they are just too fun! The cost to rent a photobooth was out of the question, so I decided, once again, to DIY! :) Here’s what you need to make your own photobooth:

1. Lots of heavy-duty string (none of that thin, flimsy stuff)

2. Tall trees to hang your string (and strong boys to help you hang it!)

3. Old bedsheets

4. Old picture frames with the glass and pictures removed (make sure you remove all nails and staples that might be sticking out so guests don’t hurt themselves)

5. Chalkboard & chalk (or whiteboard and dry-erase markers!)

6. Tons of crazy guests to write you silly messages and make funny poses for you to capture on camera :)

Here are some of our favorite photobooth pictures we collected from the wedding. Enjoy! :)










DIY Pillows

Okay, I admit I went a little overboard on this project. I didn’t really need pillows for the wedding, but I couldn’t resist having color-coordinated pillows for the benches during cocktail hour. I thought it brought just that splash of purple that the courtyard needed! :)

I started making pillows far in advance before the wedding. I searched for fabric in bargain bins, clearance aisles, and thrift shops. I even cut up some lavender king-sized pillowcases that I found on clearance, which I was able to re-purpose into eight different pillows!

I was able to make about 90% of each pillow in Arizona – the cutting and measuring of fabric, sewing the sides together, but leaving a small hole to stuff the pillow. The other 10% – stuffing and sewing shut the holes- was left to finish in Boston.

I found this great product called Steam-a-Seam that made finishing the pillows so much easier. It’s basically double-sided adhesive interfacing that comes in a narrow roll. You simply cut off a strip and place it where you want the pieces of fabric to attach. Press the iron over the fabric for 15 seconds and voila! You have an instant seam without picking up a needle or thread! :)

Now that the wedding is over, my pillows now decorate the homes of my favorite girls – my mom, Dean’s mom, my sister and all my bridesmaids. I hope that they will enjoy their pillows and think of me often. :)

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