DIY Midterm Survival Kit + Free Printable

Midterms just passed recently for Dean and many of the students in my Women’s Bible Study. I thought it would be nice to put together some survival kits for the students to help them through the week, so my fellow SO’s (significant others) and I baked/bought some goodies to put into these kits. I had a lot of fun coming up with fun names for all the treats we put in – “Brain Bars,” “Top-Dog Trail Mix,” “Crunch-Time Cookies,” “Mighty Muffins,” and “Power Popcorn.” Don’t you just feel like going out and saving the world after reading those names? :)

If you have a student in your life, maybe they could use an extra boost of energy too! Click on the image below for a free download of the tags and labels used in the Midterm Survival Kit. Simply print on cardstock or label paper, trim, and attach to your items. Enjoy!

The Wizard of Oz: Redesigned Book Jacket

Here’s another school project I’ve been wanting to share with you. The assignment was to pick a book that has already been published and redesign the cover. I chose to do a book jacket so I could design the inside flaps too. :)

A lot of the Wizard of Oz covers I’ve seen in the past incorporate ornate, decorative elements, particularly in the use of fonts. I decided to put a fresh spin on it by using a hand-drawn text style in addition to some graphics that I sketched out, scanned, and colored in Illustrator. My favorite part of the book is the little hot air balloon graphic which I put in the author section under the line, “He left this world on May 5, 1919.” Teehee. :)

Cup Noodles Redesigned

We all have memories of eating Cup Noodles – late nights in college, lunches on the go….midnight snacks at camp. My grandma even packs a few with her to eat on the airplane when she’s traveling long distances. It’s no question that Cup Noodles are a super quick and cheap option for a meal. But what if they were also healthy and packaged in a way that was environmentally responsible too?

These were just some of the questions that I tried to address in my package design project for one of my classes. The redesigned Cup Noodles features environmentally friendly ecotainer cups that are 100% recyclable and the outer packaging is made entirely from post-consumer waste. The actual noodles themselves are manufactured with an air-drying process to dehydrate the noodles, rather than deep-frying them in oil to flash-dry them. They are also made with all natural, organic ingredients. The new Cup Noodles is a product that is entirely sustainable – for you, and for the earth.
P.S. I used my handy-dandy Silhouette SD to cut out those animal shapes! I felt justified knowing that I could use my Silhouette for “real” projects and not just crafts…haha.

Type Elephant

Let me introduce you to Elmer. We met in typography class last week. He loves peanuts and cheddar cheese (though he’s been rather reluctant to indulge in the latter recently; he’s watching his weight). He also has an affinity for beautiful fonts and smart design.

Elmer was part of an in-class exercise to create an animal using only type. The exercise helped us recognize and appreciate letters as shapes, lines, and beautiful forms.

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