Christmas Crunch Time

It’s that time of the year again – holiday crafting time!

When I was in college, I always relished the last day of classes when I could finally forget about finals and essays and dive straight into my Christmas crafting projects. I was always grateful for the extra time off I got as a college student (typically close to four weeks for me!) because it gave me ample time to decorate the house, start and finish all my craft projects, do my Christmas shopping, do some baking, go to all the Christmas parties and holiday get-togethers, meet up with friends from out of town, and still have a good two weeks left over to rest and wind down from all the excitement.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a college student. This year for Christmas, I get only two days off. TWO DAYS! Add in one more day for New Year’s Eve, and I get a total of three days to cram in everything I used to do in four weeks!

Needless to say, it’s crunch time for me now as Christmas slowly creeps closer. I’ve got a whole list of projects I have yet to start. I stopped by the LA Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this weekend for some inspiration, and left with more ideas to add to my list!

The Reform School had a cool booth at the fair where I got to put together my own little mistletoe bundle! Did you know mistletoe leaves feel soft and velvety? We decided to hang it in our car. :)

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