Craft Stores in Grenada

When I heard that there were a few craft stores in St. George’s (Grenada’s capital and “downtown” area), I was super excited to check them out with a few of my friends and fellow crafters here! Here’s a little tour for you. :)

 Our guide, the lovely Marieke! 

They have a few fabric stores here that remind me a lot of the ones found in LA’s fashion district. Bolts and bolts of fabric line the walls in a multitude of colors and fabrics. They didn’t really have any cotton prints (like you’d use for quilt-making or crafts) that I saw. But they did have a nice assortment of vintage buttons. Oh, and bananas. :P

And here is THE craft store of Grenada. The entrance is this unsuspecting doorway on the left, and the craft store is located right above a doctor’s office. The store itself is pretty tiny – probably about 10′ x 15′ total. And with the counter taking up about half the width, and shelves lining the opposite side, there leaves about 4′ x 12′ of walking space. It was kinda squished with six of us in there. :)

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with the selection I found. They had a random assortment of curling ribbon, tissue paper, streamers, yarn, felt, embroidery floss, and a few odds and ends here and there. They did have nice assortment of spray paint, which might come in handy some day. But overall, the quality of the products were akin to those that you’d find in a dollar store back home. And because all these items are probably imported from the US, their prices are easily five times what you’d pay for them at home. I decided to pass on the craft items and work instead on creating projects with local materials and recycled items. And I will definitely bring more craft supplies with me next time!

on the reggae buses headed back


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