DIY Aisle Runner

As a former architecture student, I was really happy to discover that a lot of the skills, tools, and resources that I amassed during my 4 years in archi-land have come in handy so much during my wedding planning process! I’ve used my long rulers and T-squares to cut fabric, my 3-d computer modeling programs to create models of our reception space, and not to mention hours and hours spent in Photoshop and Illustrator to create all our wedding stationery.

One of the coolest resources that I had access to during my architecture studies was the laser cutter on the 3rd floor of the ASU Architecture building. This machine saved my life during final reviews becaue instead of cutting all my model pieces by hand, I could draw them in Autocad and then send the files over to the laser cutter to “print” out my pieces. Little did I know that this machine would also save me hours in wedding planning! Here’s a photo of the laser cutter in action (sorry for the poor quality; I had to take it with my camera phone) cutting out the Chinese character for double happiness:

We’ll be using these to decorate the house where Dean will be picking me up in the morning (according to Cantonese tradition). I also ended up laser-cutting a stencil of our monogram for me to use in painting our aisle runner! I painted the T on first, and then I added “becca & dean” on top of that.

Though I’ve left my architecture days behind me, it makes me happy to be able to return to archi-land every so often during unexpected times in my life. :)

*Edit: Here’s a photo of the final product on our wedding day:

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