DIY Balloon Launch Postcard + Free Printable

A few weeks back, we celebrated the Week of the Young Child, a week dedicated to celebrating the young child and focusing attention on early childhood education. We celebrated with a different activity each day, and on one of the days, we did a postcard balloon launch!

We tied postcards to the ends of dozens of helium-filled balloons and asked the recipients to fill out where they found the balloon and send the self-addressed, stamped postcards back to us. As we slowly receive the postcards back, we hope to create a giant map to mark where all of our balloons flew.

If you’d like to launch your own balloon postcard, I’ve created a template of our postcard for you. Simply cut out along the solid lines, attach a stamp, fill in your address, and attach to a helium balloon.*

I used heavyweight scrapbook paper that was solid one one side and patterned on the other. You could easily design your own image to print on the back as well. No matter the message or pattern, the balloon and postcard are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face!

*Be sure to use biodegradable balloons, in case they end up blowing into the ocean or getting lost.

Up, up and away!

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One thought on “DIY Balloon Launch Postcard + Free Printable

  1. I love this idea!! You are such a creative teacher.. Those kids are lucky to be in your class!! I hope you'll have a full map. Please post a picture of it when you do get your postcards back.

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