DIY Bookplates + Free Printable

I made these bookplates the other day as a belated birthday gift for my friend, Ellen. Ellen’s an elementary school teacher, so I thought these would come in handy for her classroom!

Well, that solves the problem of getting your books back. Sticky fingers? Sorry, El, can’t help you there! Good luck in 6th grade! :)

Do you know somebody who would appreciate a set of bookplates? Maybe a friend’s son or daughter or a teacher? Download the set here! Print it out on full sheet-sized labels, cut on the dotted lines, and trim the corners with a corner punch.

(click on picture to download)


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21 thoughts on “DIY Bookplates + Free Printable

  1. littlebeemama: i actually typed them up using the font Cursive Standard and printed them out on the computer. you won't be able to type in the .pdf file, but you can trace the font or try typing in a word doc and aligning it to print?

    i printed them out on full-sized sheet label paper, so they could be self-adhesive.

    hope that helps!

  2. Just wanted to share another idea for adhesive, but not self adhesive. Take a box of flavored jello, and in a small bowl add about 2T of the powder, add 4 T hot water to the powder. Stir until well blended. then you can paint it onto the backs of the paper. let dry 35-45 minutes. when dry, you can lick to rewet, and it not only works to stick, but is tasty too! We learned this in one of my kids' craft books, The Ultimate book of Kid Concoctions.

  3. Thank you! Love these. I have a friend who is a teacher, so this is the perfect gift. I am going to show off about you in my blog this weekend –
    Love your work x

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