DIY Chinese Paper Lantern

With Chinese New Year just a couple days away, I thought I’d share with you this easy paper lantern project that I did with my kids. I’m using basic red construction paper, but you could easily bring the lanterns up a notch by using fancy paper in crimsons and golds. You can also make these in several different sizes too!

Materials: paper, double-sided sticky tape (I can’t get enough of this stuff; it’s seriously a life-saver), scissors, string

Step 1: Fold paper in half length-wise. Starting from the folded end, start cutting strips about 1″ wide along the length of the paper. When you make your cuts, make sure you stop about 1″ from the edge.

Step 2: Unfold paper. Place double-sided tape along one end of the paper.

Step 3: Roll your paper around to tape the edges. Cut an extra strip to form the handle. Attach with tape.

Step 4: To make the tassle, wind some string around your fingers about ten times. Snip with scissors. Cut another length of string about 24″ long and tie along the middle of the wound bundle. Snip the loops to form your tassle.

Step 5: Now to make the base of your lantern, find a round object that is about 1-2″ in diameter wider than the bottom of your lantern. Trace and cut out circle. Next, trace the bottom of your lantern onto the cut-out circle.

Step 6: Make little angled snips around the base, using your inner circle as a guide. Fold the tabs upward.

Step 7: Poke a hold in the bottom of the base and thread your tassle through.

Step 8: Tape down your tassle thread to the backside (inside) of the base. Put double-sided tape on your tabs and place into lantern.

Step 9: If you wish, add a colored border to the top and bottom of your lantern. You can also sandwich your tassle cord in between festive New Year greetings. (Please excuse my poor Chinese penmanship!)

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