DIY Crepe Paper Hair Flowers

I wanted to make some simple flowers for guests to put in their hair for Hoi’s tropical bridal shower, so I put together a little tutorial for you to follow along. All you need are crepe streamers, some wire, and floral tape. I attached some alligator clips to mine for easy clipping, but you can always leave them off of your flower. The flower could be attached to a gift, pinned to your lapel, or used for party decorations!
floral tape
alligator clip (optional)

Step 1: Cut a length of wire about  8″-10″ long. Cut two small rectangles of crepe paper from the color that you wish to be on the inside.

Step 2: Scrunch up the middle of one rectangle and fold the wire in half over the middle of the scrunched rectangle.

Step 3: Twist the wire a few times to secure the crepe paper in place. Twist and squeeze the crepe paper to make a tight bunch. Snip off about half of it. Then take your other crepe rectangle and wrap it over the tip of the wired crepe paper. Twist and squeeze it tightly.

Step 4: Cut off about 20″ of your second streamer color and continue folding it in halves until you have a little bundle about 2″ wide. Carefully cut along the top edge to make a petal shape. Unroll the crepe paper.

Step 5: Carefully wrap the petals around the center wire, scrunching the bottoms as you go along. Stop every now and then and wrap one of the wired ends around the base to secure your crepe paper in place. continue doing this until you run out of crepe paper. At the end, wrap your wire a few times around the base to fully secure.
Step 6: Very carefully use your fingers to stretch out each petal to make it look realistic. The crepe paper has some give, so you should be able to stretch it without tearing the paper.
Step 7: Wrap floral tape around the wired stem. Attach to a hair clip with hot glue, if you’d like.

Step 8: Wear in your hair!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Crepe Paper Hair Flowers

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. I love the color palette of this shower! I was wondering where you bought your streamers from. I’m planning my sister in law’s bridal shower and was looking for the best place to buy streamers. Thanks!

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