DIY Hawaiian Ribbon Lei

Well, I promised I’d be back with some DIYS from Hoi’s shower, so here we go! I came across this fabulous DIY Ribbon Lei tutorial and decided that Hoi needed one for her tropical bridal shower, so I set about making one. I followed most of the same steps, but wanted to add in a few extra details for you to follow along more closely.
Here’s everything you’ll need:
3 spools of ribbon (at least)

Step 1: Estimate how long your lei will be. Multiply that number by 2, and then add an extra 8 inches to that.  Thread your needle and pull the thread halfway through (so the thread is doubled up)

Step 2: Thread both ends of the thread through the bead, in opposite directions.

Step 3: Pull threads through until the ends are about 6 inches long.

Step 4: Tie a secure double knot.

Step 5: Starting with one end of your ribbon, poke your needle through and continue to weave the ribbon back and forth over the needle.  Use the needle as a rough guide to help you pull the same amount of ribbon each time.

Step 6: Continue doing this until you have finished off all three spools.

Step 7: Tie a secure knot at the bottom of your ribbon lei. Make sure that there is enough thread at the end to tie together with the other end.

Step 8: Use a ribbon in a coordinating color to cover up the ends. Tie it in a big bow.

Step 9: Step back and admire your work!
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