DIY Mini Colored Clothespins

I was browsing through Target the other day and found this fun colored tape set in the office/stationery section. I wasn’t sure yet what I’d be using it for, but I knew I’d have fun racking my brain for DIYs to put this tape to good use.

When I came home, I rifled through my craft supplies and discovered these wooden clothespins I had bought at Daiso (Japanese dollar store) back home in California. They seemed the perfect candidate for a quick dress-me-up with some colored tape.

The only materials you’ll need for this project are some colored tape (these ones from Target or some Japanese washi could work too!), mini or regular-sized clothespins, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1. Hold your clothespin with the metal hinge facing out.

Step 2. Align the top edge of the tape with the top of the clothespin.

Step 3. Firmly press the tape against the clothespin, lining up the edge.

Step 4. Trim the bottom edge off with scissors.

Step 5. Trim the long edge off with scissors (if you started on the wrong side, it will be harder to trim the long edge off because the metal hinge will be in the way).

And that’s it! Your mini clothespins are now ready for holding up craft projects, photographs, or attaching notes and tags to gifts.


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