DIY Mini Paper Sacks (from Large Paper Sacks!)

For Dean’s birthday party a while back, I wanted some mini paper sacks to hold the popcorn. I wasn’t able to find any on the island, so I decided to make my own using regular-sized paper sacks that I had on hand. Keep reading for the full tutorial!

Here’s everything you’ll need:

Materials: ruler, regular-sized paper sack (any size will do, just as long as you can cut out an 8.25″ x 6″ rectangle from it), scissors, pinking scissors, tape

Step 1. Fold down the bottom flap of the paper bag and then cut off the tops and bottoms, leaving a length of paper bag that is 8.25″ long.

Step 2. Carefully peel open the bag and lay it out flat.

Step 3. Cut the bag into 6″ increments. With a sack this size, you should have 2 complete sections and some extra paper left over. Set one of the pieces aside for now.

Step 4. With the paper oriented landscape, fold the two sides into the middle until they meet. Crease firmly.

Step 5. Get a piece of tape the length of the bag and tape down the middle. You may want to overlap the two flaps a little so that the tape doesn’t touch the back of the bag.

Step 6. Make a fold 1.5″ from the bottom.

Step 7. Open up the fold and press down on either side to create two triangles.

Step 8. Fold down the tops and bottoms of the triangles.

Step 9. Affix with tape.

Step 10. Fold the two sides in and crease firmly.

Step 11. Open up the bag and crease the edges again to make it really sharp.

 Step 12. Trim the top edge with pinking scissors. You can also use scalloped scissors or whatever decorative scissors you prefer.

Fill with your favorite treat and enjoy!



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