DIY Mini Party Hats + Free Printable

If you’re wondering how to make teeny tiny party hats for your own birthday box, here’s a quick tutorial for you. It’s very similar to the DIY Party Hat tutorial (in fact, I just scaled down the template), but there are just a few tips and tricks that I added to make it easier.

Let’s get started!

glue gun, tiny pearl beads (or other small round objects), colored paper scraps, pencil, double-sided tape, mini party hat template

Step 1: Download the mini party hat template here.

Step 2: You can print out the template directly onto your colored paper or if you are using scraps, print out on a piece of cardstock first, then cut out to create a pattern to trace onto scraps.

Step 3: Cut out all your party hat pieces.

Step 4: Holding the vertex of the party hat with one hand, gently roll the ends with your other hand. You want it to roll up in cone-ish shape.

Step 5: Put double-sided tape along one edge of the inner side of the cone.

Step 6: Roll up your hat and press firmly to secure tape.

Step 7: Carefully dab your cone tip into the end of your glue gun and immediately affix a small bead or pearl to the top.

Step 8: Place atop your favorite stuffed friend, decorate cupcakes, or sprinkle on a loved one’s desk. :)

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