DIY Peanut Bag Favors

Immediately after the ceremony, our guests had about two hours to kill before our cocktail hour. To hold them over until then, I decided to create little bags of peanuts for them to munch on as they wandered around Harvard Square and made their way slowly to Kirkland. The peanuts were handed out to guests after the ceremony, along with our Unofficial Guides to Harvard Square.

To make the favors, I first found brightly colored fabric in coordinating colors and patterns at Joann’s and bought about a half yard of each fabric (this was way more than enough fabric…I actually ended up reusing the fabric for several other DIY wedding projects).


 At Joann’s, I also purchased 2 packs of Wilton’s Mini Treat Bags to hold the peanuts.

Next, I cut the fabric to the appropriate size (using the bag to measure) using different decorative shears.

After the fabric squares were all cut down to size, I ironed each one in half and stuffed them into a ziplock bag to bring with me to Boston!

In Boston, Dean and I filled all the bags with honey-roasted peanuts and stapled the fabric squares to the tops of all the peanuts. We (more Dean than me) couldn’t resist snacking on the peanuts while we were working, so some bags were a little skimpier than others! (Sorry!!) Afterward, we printed our own labels and punched them out with a circle punch to stick onto the peanut bags.

Here’s how they looked at the end! :)

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