DIY Pillows

Okay, I admit I went a little overboard on this project. I didn’t really need pillows for the wedding, but I couldn’t resist having color-coordinated pillows for the benches during cocktail hour. I thought it brought just that splash of purple that the courtyard needed! :)

I started making pillows far in advance before the wedding. I searched for fabric in bargain bins, clearance aisles, and thrift shops. I even cut up some lavender king-sized pillowcases that I found on clearance, which I was able to re-purpose into eight different pillows!

I was able to make about 90% of each pillow in Arizona – the cutting and measuring of fabric, sewing the sides together, but leaving a small hole to stuff the pillow. The other 10% – stuffing and sewing shut the holes- was left to finish in Boston.

I found this great product called Steam-a-Seam that made finishing the pillows so much easier. It’s basically double-sided adhesive interfacing that comes in a narrow roll. You simply cut off a strip and place it where you want the pieces of fabric to attach. Press the iron over the fabric for 15 seconds and voila! You have an instant seam without picking up a needle or thread! :)

Now that the wedding is over, my pillows now decorate the homes of my favorite girls – my mom, Dean’s mom, my sister and all my bridesmaids. I hope that they will enjoy their pillows and think of me often. :)

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