DIY Toilet Paper Ruffle Wreath

Like I’ve said before, I don’t have too many craft materials available to me here on the island. Rather than spend money on expensive, second-rate materials that they sell at the craft stores, I’ve been looking instead for recycled and/or cheap, local materials to use for my projects. To spruce up our apartment a little, I decided to make a ruffle wreath using cardboard and toilet paper! Normally, I’d use felt, fabric, or even tissue paper, but given the circumstances, I thought toilet paper would be a perfect substitute. :)

Here’s everything you’ll need:

toilet paper
2 round objects in different sizes to trace
scissors or Xacto knife
hot glue gun

Step 1: Trace your large round onto the cardboard and cut out. Repeat with the smaller object.

Step 2: Roll out a long length of toilet paper and slowly fold it accordion-style until you have a nice stack. Cut the entire stack into a circle shape. Separate the pieces.

Step 3: Gather the toilet paper circle into a ruffled bunch.

Step 4: Use hot glue to attach the ruffle to the cardboard cutout.

Step 5: Repeat until the entire cutout is completely covered with toilet paper.

Step 6: Attach a ribbon to the wreath and hang to display.


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3 thoughts on “DIY Toilet Paper Ruffle Wreath

  1. absolutely love it!! that’s a wonderful idea — practicing the discipline and art of repurposing and reimagining mundane, everyday, and surprising items while you’re away. can’t wait to see the items you creatively cull together :)

  2. I wanted to do this with felt when I saw it on pinterest. Haven’t had the time yet… Looks like lots of toilet paper was used here :) Looks great, Becca.

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