Good Things

For the past five years, the four months between September and December have typically been the longest and bleakest months of the year for Dean and me. After a long summer vacation spent traveling, relaxing, working, and doing life together, Dean returns to Boston and resumes his studies while I return to my regular life in Arizona.

This year, Dean made an unexpected stop in AZ on his way to Colorado for an interview at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine (his first med school interview!). We spent a lovely day together before I hopped on a plane and flew to visit my parents in Portland, Oregon for Thanksgiving. This unexpected visit though short, was sweet.

Dean stayed in AZ for a few more days after I left, so I returned home this weekend to find my car’s oil changed (haven’t done that in about 4 months!), my water jugs filled (I’ve been out of water for 2 weeks!), and my dishes washed (I left in a hurry). It’s always nice to see little reminders of him even after he’s left for Boston. :)

During my time in Portland, I made a stop at Powell’s Books (huuuge bookstore with an awesome collection of new, used, and rare books) where I picked up a copy of The Pooh Dictionary: The Complete Guide to the Words of Pooh and All the Animals in the Forest. It has the following definition for a “Good Thing”:

Good Thing, noun: whatever happens to you that is pleasing and satisfying without involving Food* (in which case it would be the Best Thing*). A Good Thing happens when you weren’t expecting it but are jolly happy it does. One can do a Good Thing, but not with any forethought. In fact, having Brain* can interfere with enjoying life’s little good things.

I am thankful for the Good Things in life! :)


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