Grace + Trevor’s Baby Shower Part 1

We drove back to Arizona two weekends ago for my friends Grace and Trevor’s jungle-themed baby shower. Ever since I saw this bib pattern on Purl Bee, I’ve been dying to try it out. I searched through my fabric stash for some fun, coordinating patterns, picked up some ultra-soft terry cloth from the store, and whipped out these bibs for baby Cecelia. Hope this makes cleaning up super easy for mom and dad!

I also helped out with the decorations and stationery for the shower, so stay tuned for more pics and details!

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3 thoughts on “Grace + Trevor’s Baby Shower Part 1

  1. Grace – So glad you like them! :)

    Nancy – I just bought some terry cloth from Joann's. They have lots of different kinds, so I chose one that was 100% cotton and felt super soft to the touch.

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