Hoi’s Bridal Shower Details

I’m back with some pictures from Hoi’s bridal shower today! The other bridesmaids and I had a lot of fun putting this shower together for Hoi. And I was dying for an excuse to use a giant balloon. :)  Did you know you can buy them at Party City? They come in a pack though, so you’ll have to purchase the pack and then ask to get them blown up. Note of warning: stay away from pointy trees. I learned this the hard way. Let’s just say there were supposed to be 2 giant balloons.

Anyway, here are some detail shots from the shower. I’ll follow-up in the next few weeks with some specific DIYS for items I made for the shower (penant banner, stripey straws, tissue paper flowers, ribbon lei!).

mimosa station with mango, cranberry, and pineapple juice
Hoi loves the cheese fondue from Olive Garden, so we found the recipe online and replicated it for her shower with lots of fun dippers.
for favors, we had Burt’s Bees mango chapstick and fun products supplied by Johnson & Johnson (where Hoi works)

And here’s a final pic of the whole group! Thanks for letting us celebrate you, Hoi!

*Edit: Find DIY tutorials here for the penant flag, placemats, crepe paper hair flowers, and ribbon lei.

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