I’m Moving!

As most of you know, Dean and I moved last week to a new apartment in Brea, OC. It’s a tiny, little studio with all of 500 sq. ft, but we love it! I’ll post some pictures of our new place soon – I even get a special space for crafting. :)

Anyway, as we’ve moved on to a new place (really only 20 min. away from the old place, but that also means 20 min. closer to work for Dean!), I’ve decided that it’s time to move on to a new place with this blog as well. It’s been a joy blogging at beccandean.com for the duration of our whole wedding planning process, but let’s face it – Dean doesn’t blog.

So this will be my very last post at beccandean.com, and future posts will only be at lavender’s blue, where I’ll continue to write about our day-to-day lives in addition to my crafty endeavors and creative inspirations. Thanks for reading and hope to see you at lavender’s blue!

Lots of love,


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