Invitations: Esther & Ben

It must be wedding season! I’m so lucky to have not just one but two engaged friends I was able to help design invitations for recently. :)

You might remember Esther and Ben from their engagement party a while back (Esther was also a bridesmaid in my wedding!). Well, they came back to visit a couple weeks ago and during their time here, we finished designing and putting together their invitations!

I’ve known Esther for several years now and consider her friendship to be such a blessing to me – she constantly inspires me with her contagious zest for life and genuine love and care for others. Over the past few months, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know Ben as we’ve shared many meals and conversations throughout this whole design process. I am going to miss them so much when they move to the East Coast this summer and will no longer be just a 6-hour drive away!

For their wedding invitations, they wanted something that would reflect the rustic, organic quality of their wedding, with just that perfect touch of playfulness and childlike charm. I had so much fun creating their invitations and am very happy with the final product. Take a look!

the invitation suite (fronts and backs)
the invitation components were held together with string and two decorative leaves
My favorite part of the invitation was the tree that stayed consistent throughout all three elements. As each piece is slowly peeled away, it reveals a more complete picture of the tree.
the invitation card
festivities card with tire swing
rsvp card with park bench: Esther and Ben share my love for words and word games, so they created these cute poems to add to their invitations!
tree close-up

I hope their guests enjoy these invitations as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Update: See their entire stationery suite over here.

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