Invitations: Hoi + Nick

When it came time to design wedding invitations for┬áHoi and Nick, they asked only that the invitations reflect their wedding colors: purple and pink. I remember that Hoi mentioned to me that her bouquet would include roses and calla lilies, so I decided to use that as a springboard for their invitation design. I drew some illustrations of various floral elements, and then “arranged” them in different ways for each part of their invitation suite.
Many of Hoi and Nick’s relatives are Chinese-speaking. so they requested for the invitation to be bilingual. We worked together to finalize and lay out the text, and then decided the best way to present the different pieces would be to use an envelopment. The additional information cards were enclosed inside the envelopment, and after the envelopment was tied with a ribbon, it was placed in an outer envelope.
Hoi and Nick were thrilled with the final product, and hearing that from them just made my day. :)
Here are all the pieces printed and ready to be shipped to H+N, who put the invitations together themselves. And here’s a look at their complete invitation suite and some details.
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