Jewelry Cheese Box

Amazingly, one of the things that I haven’t missed eating in Grenada is cheese. In fact, the IGA grocery store here stocks some fantastic selections of international cheeses from Europe and other parts of the world. And sometimes, right before they’re about to expire, they go on mad sale (like $1 for a wheel of brie). My neighbors also happen to be cheese lovers, so we formed a little cheese club. Basically, when the cheeses go on sale, we buy enough for all three of us and distribute it to the other club members. :)

I’ve stored up a nice collection of these cheese boxes and have been trying to find a good use for them. I think they make perfect jewelry/trinket boxes, don’t you?


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One thought on “Jewelry Cheese Box

  1. Ive always loved neat cheese boxes! I love what you did with them.
    Ps, You’re my inspiration! So I’ve given you an award on my blog ;)

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