Lost and Found

Long story short: I lost my ring. And then I found it.

The whole story: So the four horsemen were hanging out (Daniel – War [because he can somehow bring out the anger and fire in anybody], Esther – Pestilence [because she always has some type of ailment], Ryan – Death [because of his seemingly stoic facial expressions and monotone voice], Me – Famine [for obvious reasons] at the park, watching the annual Tree Climbing Competition over at Ensenada Park in Phoenix (side note: it was actually really cool – we learned a lot about “arborists” and their profession, made new friends, were entertained, and got offered a free tree climbing session!).

I had some trash to throw away, so I walked over the trash receptacle and tossed my trash away. On my way back over to the group, I noticed something on my shirt and brushed it off with my LEFT HAND. That’s when the RING FLEW OFF and landed SOMEWHERE IN THE GRASS. I didn’t see where it had flown off, but I knew that it had just fallen off, so I stopped dead in my tracks. I screamed at Esther to come over and told her what happened. I didn’t want to move because my current spot was the only marker that I had as to where the ring had fallen off. Soon after, Daniel, Ryan, and our new tree-climbing friends all came over to help me find my ring. As I stood glued to my spot on the grass, my friends (old and new!) crawled around on the grass on their hands and knees to search for my ring. Who could ask for better friends?

The search seemed hopeless for a while, and I was actually scared that I might not see my ring again. I never thought that grass could be so…camouflaging?? After about an eternity (or probably more like 10 minutes), Esther FOUND MY RING!! :) And that will forever be the day we remember as the day that I lost and found my ring.


Thanks, Horsemen! I’m going to miss you guys…



I later told Dean what happened and asked him what he would have done if I had actually lost my ring. His response: “Well, you wouldn’t have gotten a new one…” Good thing we found it…

Btw, my camera broke…so no pictures for a while. Sorry :(

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