Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you! I am spending Christmas with Dean’s family in Arizona this year. I won’t be able to see my family for the holidays this year, but I am grateful for Dean’s family in AZ and that they are only a short car-ride away.

As part of our Christmas Day festivities, I made a simple Christmas brunch this morning. I made this scrumptious french toast from a recipe that my sister passed along to me (and replaced strawberries with blueberries), this winter fruit salad, and bacon.

We’ve been lounging around all day (read: Dean’s watching basketball while I’m on my computer and in the kitchen cooking) and waiting eagerly for Jay to get home so we can open presents!

Instead of stockings this year, I made Christmas baggies for Dean and I. I fell in love with the look of vintage doilies on linen when I saw them over here and just had to incorporate them into our gifts. :) And, they’re usable all year round!

After presents, we’ll be going over to Dean’s uncle’s house where the whole Thongkham/Vongsachang family will be gathered for (vegetarian) hotpot. Honestly, the idea of vegetarian hotpot does not sound super appealing to me, but I’m hoping that I will be proven wrong.

So on behalf of our little Thongkham family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with family, delicious food, and above all, the peace and joy of our Savior’s birth.

(this is our little Christmas tree back home in our studio)
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