Minty Fresh

Have you ever heard of Minted? They’re an online stationer that sells all sorts of paper goods that are designed by independent designers. They hold design competitions frequently and absolutely anybody can submit a design. Isn’t that awesome? After that, the Minted community actually gets to vote for their favorite designs, and the highest score wins! There are also guest judges who choose additional judges’ picks.

Their most recent design competition was called the Breakout Wedding Challenge. Designers were asked to submit 3 designs for wedding invitations that were “fresh takes on classic wedding invitations.”

I’ve never submitted anything to a design competition before, but I thought this would be a great way to get started. I’m pretty new to the Minted community, so I guess you could say I’m minty fresh? ;) (Har, har, har…) Here are the three designs I submitted for the competition:
Classic Stripes – Wedding Invitation

Aqua Dots – Wedding Invitation

Better Together – Wedding Invitation

I think the last one is my favorite because what could be better together than milk and cookies? Okay, I can think of a few things involving cheese…but cheese didn’t seem very wedding-y. :)

There’s still a few days left before the submission deadline (March 8th). Feeling creative? Go design something!

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