Must-have Crafting Tools Countdown #3

#3 – Double Sided Tape

There are few things that double sided tape can’t do. Since I discovered it about three years ago, it has become my go-to resource for so many of my crafting and household needs. I use it for many of my stationery projects when I need to attach two pieces of paper together (like the two pieces from Grace and Trevor’s baby shower invitation), or when I wrap Christmas gifts, or when I want to quickly put up a picture on the wall. I’ve put together a lot of bulletin boards for the classroom using solely double-sided tape because we didn’t have any functioning staplers. I even used it once to rig my printer to print on small pieces of paper that weren’t quite the right size for my particular printer. I honestly think this is one of the most awesome, affordable, and accessible crafting items that I can think of. You can find it at all craft stores, office supply stores, even grocery stores. It’s an easy, non-messy solution for adhering paper, and it can stick to a number of different surfaces. I love this stuff. :)

Most of the time, I will use the Permanent Double Sided Tape because I usually need it to stay fastened pretty well. Other times, Removable Double Sided Tape also works when you have items that will need to be removed later on. I’ve found that the removable tape doesn’t adhere very well though, and I often end up using the permanent stuff instead. I’ve found that it’s pretty permanent on paper items, but if you’re sticking to a wall or furniture/plastic, it can be removed pretty easily.

I use this stuff so much, I usually buy the multi-packs with a coupon from Michaels. They do go on sale once in a while, so I’ll stock up then too. I actually brought several packs with me to Grenada, in 1/2″ sizes and also the 3/4″ inch size too. I’m hoping to use them in some upcoming decorating projects around the house. :) ┬áHave you found any office or household items that have turned into a favorite crafting item?

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