“My Tea Party”

This weekend has been a flurry of busy excitement and fun things since my sister and parents came into town! Since this will probably be the last time my sister is home before we sell the house, she took the opportunity to clean out some of her old things and came across this old story that I had written when I was in second grade (we used to play school and she would assign me homework to do!). I thought it was fitting to share with you all since I just had my own real “tea party” this weekend. :)

One sunny Saturday morning, I went to the park to pick some flowers. I was going to have a tea party. I was going to dry the flowers and make invitations with them. I was going to hang flowers all over the room that I’m going to have the tea party in. The theme was flowers. I was going to invite Michelle, Daniel, Priscilla, Lee Kai, and Michael. There was no one at the park’ cause it was six o’clock in the morning. I just loved the morning breeze. The flowers smelled so good. I could hear the birds singing and the crickets chirping and the cool winds blowing in my face. Everyday I go to the park early to take walks. It is nice and cool. As I was walking I passed a HUGE flower. I ignored it ’cause I was so busy mumbling to myself wich flowers I should pick. I said to myself “Was that a HUGE flower I just saw?” So I went back and saw that there really was a HUGE flower. I climbed up the flower to see if there was anyone inside. There was. It was a ladybug. the ladybug was as big as I was. It saw me and said “Would you like to stay for some chocolate milk?” i couldn’t believe my eyes. I said “W-e-l-l okay.” the chocolate milk was d-e-elicious. It was the yummiest I ever tasted. I asked her what her name was. She said “Holly.” I invited Holly to my tea party. When the day came I was so excited. I wore my best dress. Finally the doorbell rang. It was Michelle. We played house while we were waiting for my other friends to come. When they were all here I invited them to my tea party table. Me and my mom made brownies and chocolate milk. And we had a wonderful time. The End.

Now almost twenty years later, I finally had my own tea party and it was just as perfect as I had imagined it would be – complete with flowers and decorations, deliciously yummy treats and finger foods, and most importantly, the good company of my precious family and friends.



Thanks to my girls for planning such a beautiful shower/tea party for me and to all those who came! :) To see more pics from the party, go here.

- b.

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