A Rain-Themed Baby Shower for Baby Hallie

LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_1I had the chance to throw a baby shower for my dear friends Hoi and Nick this past summer (with the much-needed help of Valine and Christina too!). What a treat it was to love on them and to shower them with blessings and encouragement! Baby Hallie has since arrived, and she is every bit as darling as I imagined (those kissable cheeks!!). :)

LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_2 LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_3

LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_4 LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_5

_MG_0371 copy

LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_6 LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_7 LavendersBlueDesigns_RainShower_8

Congratulations on your new little bundle of sunshine, Hoi and Nick!

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