Snapshots of Beijing

1. A walk through Ritan Park, close by my sister’s home.
2. Jetlag is a blessing in disguise because I get to spend quiet mornings alone with this little guy.
3. Celebrating my sister’s birthday at Na Jia Xiaoguan with salt-baked chicken wings.
4. Perfect lamb slices for hotpot at HaiDiLao.
5. Need to get me one of these for blocking out the Grenada sun!
6. Wish they would sell Taro pies and fried chicken wings at American McDonald’s too.
7. Morning milk bottle
8. Striking architecture in Beijing downtown
9. Love my new coral walking shoes from Muji. I want to buy everything there!
10. Rickshaws all lined up at the hutongs.

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2 thoughts on “Snapshots of Beijing

  1. I <3 hot pot at HaiDiLao!! It's super good!! The one we went to in Shanghai had a nail salon inside so people can get their nails done for free while they were waiting in line! lol

    • Haha, that is awesome! We definitely didn’t have someone doing our nails there…but we also didn’t have to wait in line. :)

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