The Story of Elijah

With all of my sister’s close friends and family living in various places across the country, it became very hard for us to throw her a traditional baby shower. Billy and I decided instead to invite Julie’s friends and family to participate in a virtual baby shower activity.

Julie and Billy chose the name Elijah for their baby boy because of how meaningful the story has been in their life and because they hope their son will have as intimate a relationship with God as the prophet Elijah did.  So Billy took the biblical account of Elijah and rewrote it into a kid’s story.

Each person was assigned a line from the story and asked to re-copy the phrase in their own handwriting and to draw a quick doodle to illustrate it.  After collecting all of the handwritten phrases and doodles, I scanned them all into the computer and tried to tie all the illustrations together by coloring similar elements the same color (note Elijah’s blue jeans in certain illustrations and blue robes in another! :)).

I love how each person interpreted their lines differently and drew Elijah in slightly different ways. I think it’s a beautiful reminder that baby Elijah, and Julie and Billy, have a wonderful community of people who all love them very much.


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